Best Advice In Awhile 

Do you ever have a moment where someone or something makes you realize exactly why you do what you do, or challenges you to be the best version of yourself? Because I'm starting to have more of those moments with each passing day. 

Let me first start by explaining a little about myself (and to each their own perspective- I'm not one to judge). I'm a Christian- have been since a kid, and I won't deny Christ in life or death, simply because I've had way too much happen to me that has God written all over…

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Welcome to my new & improved site! 

Hey guys! 

I'm guessing by now you've realized some big changes happening with my website and social pages, with the biggest being- MY NAME! Kinda crazy, but let me explain. For those of you who have been here since day one, you know the back story on my crazy Armenian name. Well, with crazy Armenian names, as I've dealt with my entire life, comes crazy misspellings of my Armenian name, and/or my first name, Kaylyn, since there's a million and one ways to spell my first name. After consulting with one of…

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