Welcome to my new & improved site!

Hey guys! 

I'm guessing by now you've realized some big changes happening with my website and social pages, with the biggest being- MY NAME! Kinda crazy, but let me explain. For those of you who have been here since day one, you know the back story on my crazy Armenian name. Well, with crazy Armenian names, as I've dealt with my entire life, comes crazy misspellings of my Armenian name, and/or my first name, Kaylyn, since there's a million and one ways to spell my first name. After consulting with one of my development team and a bit of deliberation on my part, I've recently opted to change my professional name to "Kay Azna" from here on out. So while the initial release of "Set Me Free" will continue to have the name Kaylyn Aznavorian attached to it, everything to come will be under the name Kay Azna, so be sure to keep an eye out for those changes in upcoming releases. I don't know yet if Spotify and other music apps will end up merging the pages or not, but once I know for sure, I'll be letting you guys know here. 

Also, with changes to my name, comes changes with what I'm doing for all of you while working on my upcoming EP! Introducing "Strums & Streams", which is a live stream show across Facebook and Instagram (@realkayazna) every Tuesday at 7PM EST (Unless otherwise noted). On this show I'll either be vlogging or performing covers on request with a member of my band or fellow musician. To take part in the cover shows, I'll have a digital tip jar up, which I'll explain in every show, but essentially, like attending a show at the local pub or coffee shop, you leave a tip of your choosing with your song request and we'll perform it live on camera! 

There's a few more changes besides that to come as well, but for now, stay tuned to my website and my socials, which now can all be found simply by searching @realkayazna! Looking forward to all that is to come! 


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